‘Barrie is not afraid to give an opinion… her light and personal touch make this book a charming and informative read’ (The World of Fine Wine)

Unlike Peter I haven’t always wanted to be a writer and I came to it quite late. But I love it now, especially writing for this site. I certainly can’t claim to have the most formal or polished style but I love a chatty approach – it often makes a nice difference when it comes to wine.

My first writing break came in 2000 when I was commissioned to write a piece on champagne for Wine magazine. I’ll never forget it – and neither will I forget the lovely wines, food and people I was lucky enough to encounter on the research trip. And that was that: I was hooked!

The article led to a commission from Hilary Lumsden at Mitchell Beazley to write my first short book. Hilary’s faith in me is something I will never forget and she remains a great friend to this day. I went on to write a second book for Mitchell Beazley which was lucky enough to pick up a Gourmand Award in 2006.

Magazine credits include Decanter, Wine and Spirit, FHMDrinks International, Harpers, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Off Licence News, The Glasgow Herald, Spain and In the Know.

Now I write for many publications, including this one, which is the best place to find and read my writing.