Bargain Bubbles

In 2015 one particular style of sparkling wine hit the headlines more than any other: Prosecco. For the first time, UK supermarket shoppers spent more on Prosecco than on Champagne and there were worldwide, midsummer scare stories that stocks would dry up before the new wines went on sale in October. Even the Daily Mail got in on the act, citing a report that suggested Prosecco had overtaken Champagne as the most popular choice of sparkling wine at weddings.

Our love affair with Italy’s favourite fizz is certainly not new: I remember writing about how fashionable Prosecco was becoming more than a decade ago. What is interesting to see, however, is the positive effect its continued popularity has had on other sparkling wine categories, forcing producers everywhere to up their game and diversify, and resulting in seriously interesting options at every price level.

[Susie Barrie MW recommends great value sparkling wines in Decanter December 2015]

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