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Our Wine Blast podcast is about bringing wine to life with a smile, via interviews, provocative chat, travel, food, gentle bickering, tips, competitive wine-offs, a quirky wine A-Z and your questions. It’s now a Top-10 US and UK podcast (Chartable: Apple, Food), with listeners in more than 100 countries, and recommended in The Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and Club Oenologique. In short, it’s enough to drive anyone to drink…

The show is for everyone, from wine pros to those who simply have an open mind and healthy thirst. It’s an audio show with a difference, given the upbeat magazine-style format and the way we manage to find almost infinite ways to disagree about wine. And all in not much more time than it takes to polish off a bottle of Brunello.

‘Natural broadcasters [who] combine a fluent lightness of touch with a real dig for information.’ The Daily Telegraph

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‘Jubilantly buoyant and upbeat. Revel in its relatable, entertaining and light-hearted tone, with marital disputes over wine a given. Certain to be a hit.’ The Drinks Business

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Podchaser - Wine Blast with Susie and Peter

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‘Love these guys (almost as much as wine): Great podcast, educational, invigorating, and damn funny too’ JDPWalker on Apple podcasts


  • Thanks to Sam Gavins for the brilliant Wine Blast photography and artwork
  • Huge shout to the wonderful people at R&R Teamwork, particularly the amazing Eleanor Standen and Rosamund Barton
  • Paddy Bowerman is the most amazing producer, editor, drummer and all-round Renaissance man. That is all. Other than to say his wife Rosie is equally amazing. Superheroes the lot of them.

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