It’s a wine region variously described as, ‘dynamic’, whose wines are undergoing a quality ‘revolution’, and memorably compared to South Africa’s uber-cool Swartland.

It’s also got a big old mountain on its picture postcard. Not to mention truffles galore.

This is Ventoux. 

And we want to take you on a journey of discovery, to meet the people, explore the places, get a feel for the wines…and generally understand why Ventoux is worth your time and attention.

The mountain, it turns out, is important. It makes this one of the coolest appellations in the southern Rhône, giving the wines freshness and vitality. Peter slogs (metaphorically) up to the peak to prove the point.

It also helps in the ongoing efforts to adapt to climate change.

As for the wines…we dive in, exploring the region’s unique whites, rosés and reds, the latter constituting the majority of production. And we explore ways in which the wines are changing and evolving with the future in mind.

We ask why so many outsiders have gravitated to Ventoux, experimenting and collaborating along the way. And we explore the region’s value-for-money credentials.

The discussion also touches on lycra, beetroot, Cinsault, wine as theatre, joy and butterflies. 

Oh, and did we mention truffles?

Thanks to AOC Ventoux for sponsoring this episode.


  • Nathalie Bonhomme and André Tremblay, Domaine du Tix
  • Carine Aymard, Domaine Aymard
  • David Quinones, Marrenon
  • James King, Chateau Unang
  • Simon Chiuppi, Domaine de Fondrèche
  • Susie & Peter


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The following are a mix of wines we recommend in this episode, and which we’d recommend from our research (incl Peter’s trip to the region in October 2023).

Use Wine Searcher to find if and where you can buy this wine in your region. Selected UK stockists are included where appropriate – often with the best price available:


  • Domaine Aymard Les Grappes 2022, 14.5%
  • Domaine de la Brunely La Lise 2022, 13.5%
  • Famille Quiot Cuvee Tradition 2022, 14%
  • Rémy Ferbras Ventoux 2020, 14.5% (£9.99, Waitrose)
  • Famille Quiot Vieux Lazaret 2022, 14%
  • Château Pesquié Terrasses Ventoux 2021, 14% (£11.50, The Wine Society)
  • Domaine du Tix L’Affaire Terre 2021, 15%
  • Domaine Souleyrol Philia 2021, 15%
  • Domaine Solence Les 3 Pères 2021, 13.5%
  • Château Pesquié Artemia Ventoux 2020, 14.5%
  • Domaine du Tix NataGrappa 2020, 15.5%
  • Domaine de Mas Caron Garance Vieilles Vignes 2020, 14.5%
  • Domaine de Fondreche Il Etait Une Fois 2020, 14.5%
  • Domaine Solence Cippus 2020, 14.5%
  • Château Pesquié Silica Ventoux 2021, 15.5% (£34, The Wine Society)
  • Domaine Leschancel Le Recit Rouge 2019, 14%
  • Vindemio Caeli 2019, 14%
  • Clos de Trias Red Label 2016
  • Clos de Trias Vieilles Vignes 2015
  • Chêne Bleu Abelard 2014, 14%
  • Domaine de Fondrèche Persia 2012


  • Domaine de la Brunely Ventoux Rosé 2022
  • Marrenon Rosace rosé 2022
  • Ch Pesquié Quintessence rosé 2021


  • Château Unang Adeline 2022, 14%
  • Domaine de Fondrèche Persia Blanc 2022
  • Domaine Aloïs Terre d’Ailleuls Blanc 2022
  • Château la Croix des Pins Le Secret Blanc 2022
  • Domaine de Mas Caron Mariage Blanc 2022
  • Vindemio Ignis 2021
  • Domaine Vintur Séléné 2017

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