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What people are saying

‘A complete tonic for the heart, mind and soul…and utter temptation for the taste buds’ Drinks Network

‘Natural broadcasters [who] combine a fluent lightness of touch with a real dig for information.’ The Daily Telegraph

‘Love these guys (almost as much as…wine)… Great podcast! Educational, invigorating, and damn funny too.’ JDPWalker, Apple podcasts

‘Jubilantly buoyant and upbeat. Revel in its relatable, entertaining and light-hearted tone, with marital disputes over wine a given. Certain to be a hit.’ The Drinks Business

‘It’s become my favourite wine podcast – I love their charm, their wit, their energy.’ Wine writer & podcaster Natalie MacLean

‘It’s like Radio 4 for wine. And that’s a really good thing’ Asa

‘Susie and Peter are as bright and breezy as breakfast TV anchors in their bubbly, slick wine podcast. Perfect inspiration for some lockdown banquets.’ Imbibe

‘Laugh-out-loud. Enjoy!’ Claire

‘Much enjoying the debut podcast by Susie & Peter’ Jancis Robinson OBE MW

‘Slick, polished … with a sense of community and warmth’ Club Oenologique

Recommend everyone has a listen to Susie and Peter’s podcast. Really fun, informative and inspiring!’ Plumpton College

‘Great podcast. I feel like I learnt loads, without noticing I was learning. Lots of fun too.’ JiminezC, Apple podcasts

‘Technically perfect but more importantly so natural and engaging and quick and funny and…I’m in awe. What a double act – two stars making a killer constellation.’ Alex Hunt MW

‘Not least at this time which has so much uncertainty, the enthusiasm, warmth, wit, and of course, knowledge of your podcast is a dependable joy and is greatly enjoyed by me and many.’ Jonathan QE

‘Worth a listen before your ‘essential’ travel to the wine shop.’ PodNews

Just binge-listened to all the current episodes of Wine Blast. Best podcast on wine (and related matters) out there. Great chemistry and humour. Really authoritative stuff without becoming overly highbrow. Love the food and wine pairings. Looking forward to more of these.’ Mickey

‘Tones of Fiona Bruce meets Alexander Armstrong.’ Daniel

‘BRILLIANT podcast. I’m glued to it.’ Joe Fattorini, The Wine Show

‘Straight to the top of the podcast pile’ Victoria

‘Very cool content’ Gearoid Devaney MS

‘Well done! You manage to get a perfect balance of making it interesting, fun and explaining the more complicated things.’ Sophia Bergqvist, Owner, Quinta de la Rosa

‘Blasting through this FAB new podcast from Susie & Peter’ Helen McGinn