What’s the difference between English sparkling wine and champagne? Why bother doing the Master of Wine qualification? What’s the story behind Wine Blast, and why is podcasting so suited to wine? If we could be any wine, what would it be? What to do with a wine festival in lockdown? If we could share a glass of wine with anyone, who would that be?

We answer all these questions and more in an interview conducted expertly by Natalie MacLean and originally featured on her Unreserved Wine Talk podcast (Ep 118: Dream Wine Careers with Susie Barrie and Peter Richards). This is the second part of this interview, you can find the first part via this link.

We also talk about how to film wine TV amidst a global pandemic, focusing on Peter’s recent trip to Georgia. Oh, and there are passing mentions of Blue Nun, the King of the Netherlands, orange Frysland cheese, a neolithic picnic, the WineGB Awards, a MiG fighter jet, personalised portaloos…and the importance of bubbles.

Running Order

  • Our apology for taking a mini-break (NOT Bridget Jones style): 0.57
  • Susie on filming Wine Masters Class in Holland: 1.40
  • Peter on filming a new wine travel series in Georgia: 4.35
  • Unreserved Wine Talk: 12.37
  • Wine Festival Winchester inc Wine Festival Online: 14.58
  • The WineGB Awards: 18.50
  • On podcasting in general and Wine Blast in particular: 21.30
  • On English wine & our Essential Guide to English Wine: 26.50
  • What is the Master of Wine qualification, and why bother? 34.00
  • If we could share a bottle of wine with anyone, who would it be? 39.30
  • If we could be any kind of wine, which would it be? 41.25




In this podcast, a few photos are referenced – and here they are: