Our story – as told (in slightly roundabout fashion) to Natalie MacLean on her Unreserved Wine Talk podcast.

Beans are spilled…apologies issued…we reveal our career low points as well as what wine has done for our relationship (Susie skates on thin ice). Also why Peter makes a bad Santa and what we think of the fancy dress tendencies of your average French marathon runner. Among other things. 

So yes, this is a re-run of ‘Having a Wine Blast with Susie Barrie and Peter Richards’, Episode 117 of Natalie’s Unreserved Wine Talk, from Feb 2021, in which she interviews us (and chooses a few embarrassing photos of ours to prod us with).

As part of our intro, we announce the winner of our New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc competition from our last episode, sharing the funniest and best of myriad inspired entries, and say sorry for not putting out an episode lately…

You can find the second part of this instalment (Our Story, Part 2) via this link.

Running Order

  • Susie forgets Peter’s name: 0.10
  • Why we haven’t put an episode out lately: 0.45
  • What we discuss in this interview: 2.05
  • What’s coming up in Part 2: 2.35
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc competition best entries & results: 3.48
  • Unreserved Wine Talk: 10.25
  • Natalie introduces us: 13.58
  • How we both got into wine: 15.48
  • The worst moments of our wine career: 21.00
  • The best moments of our wine career: 27.33
  • Susie on cooking: 36.38
  • What has wine done for our relationship? 40.14
  • On running wine marathons: 46.20
  • Natalie’s takeaways from our chat: 54.10