The Essential Guide to English Wine

Did you know that the UK’s wine plantings account for a mere 0.07% of the global wine vineyard?

Or that it was probably the Normans, not the Romans, who really got the English wine show on the road?

Ever realised why Britain is one of the trickiest places to be a weather forecaster? (Ask Michael Fish…)

There’s all this and more in our 2018 publication, The Essential Guide to English Wine.

It’s a pocket-sized wine guide that aims to make a virtue of concision. But it covers all the key topics, from climate change to wine tourism, with profiles on all the top producers (including those recently set up by champagne houses Taittinger and Pommery). It’s even got a snazzy map!

Reviews have been positive, with Hugh Johnson terming it, ‘Terrific’ and Gerard Basset MW MS saying, ‘Absolutely superb and extremely well written, packed with so much useful information’.

‘More is packed into this small, authoritative guide than many a larger volume […] A must for English wine fans.’

(Waitrose Drinks magazine)

The publishers are the International Wine & Food Society. As well as distributing it to their 6,000-strong global membership, they also have it on general release so you can order it directly from them for the princely sum of £7.99 (ex P&P) via this link.

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