“Peter Richards is […] the most knowledgeable foreign wine expert on Chile.” (Capital)

This book represents the culmination of many, many hours spent on the roads and in the wineries of Chile. A real labour of love – and a very rewarding one too. It forms part of what was once the Faber & Faber series, which became the Mitchell Beazley Classic Wine Library range.

The book is short on pictures (the nature of this series was always to be high-brow in words and low-brow on budget). So I made a big effort to make the words as illuminating and entertaining as possible – as well as making the book a solid reference guide for anyone interested in the subject, whatever the level of knowledge.


  • Short-listed for the André Simon Drinks Book Award 2007
  • “Illuminating and unpretentious…a balance of erudition and accessibility” (The World of Fine Wine)
  • “Probably the best book in English on Chilean wine and, if truth be told, it has few competitors in Spanish.” (Capital)
  • “Excellent book” (Jancis Robinson OBE MW)
  • “The English critic who knows most about Chilean wine [has written] one of the most important foreign reference books on the subject. A real authority.” (El Mercurio)
  • “Peter’s carefully researched and authoritative study of Chilean wine adds further weight to an already impressive career.” (Circle of Wine Writers)
  • “Very pleased with the book” (source close to Chilean President Michelle Bachelet)
  • “Richards’ writing style is admirably clear; it makes for an effortless, rather classy read […] for anyone visiting Chile or needing an in-depth guide to the country’s wineries, this book would be a shrewd purchase.” (Dr Jamie Goode)
  • “I fell in love with your book The Wines of Chile. It’s an excellent description about Chile and the wine industry. Easy and fun to read. I also find it interesting to see how the industry has changed from 2005 till now 2016. I am going to implement it as a compulsory literature for all the interns we receive.” (Jamie, Casa Marin)


“Magnificent… the best book that’s been published on Chilean wine to date.” (Mariano Fernandez)