What wine news is worthy of your attention? How should you warm up your (fine) wines in an emergency? What wines are really worth paying silly money for? And which wines should we have loved…but didn’t?

These are just some of the questions we dive into in this Listener Q&A episode, where we respond to your brilliant comments, feedback and questions.

And we field one other question too: are we even married to each other?!

No spoilers here..! Suffice it to say that along this particularly fun ride we touch on subjects as diverse as Japanese wine anime Drops of God, wildfires in Chile, Michel Roux Jr, marriage counselling, Cahors, Malcolm Gladwell, alternatives to Grange, our infamous 20-20 wine rule, re-writing wine’s ancient history, Leonardo di Caprio – and ‘pan-gate’.

We also ask that most critical of questions: are you a wine cuddler…or a wine microwaver?


On the subject of ‘pan-gate’, this was the tweet that kicked everything off…


Here are some of the images we refer to in this episode.

They relate to the topic of ‘how to warm your fine wines up in an emergency’.

Clearly, the world is split into wine cuddlers and wine micro-wavers.

With a special place for radiator lovers along the way…

Links and Notes

  • Here’s a link to our episode on Are You Serving Wine All Wrong?
  • Here’s how ‘pan-gate’ made it into the press The piece includes the immortal line: ‘mulled wine could be good for your brain’.
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