We’re back! Still Masters of Wine, still married (the wine helps) and still serving up thrills and spills for your general delectation.

Season 4 dives right back in where we left off, and promises tons of great wine content, thought-provoking angles, top guests, listener questions answered, opinion, food, recommendations – and of course a lot of fun too… 

So welcome back – or welcome.

This podcast is for everyone with an open mind and a healthy thirst. No need to catch up, just hop on board, make sure you subscribe to enjoy the ride, then tell all your friends (as well as leaving us a nice rating and review!) 

Our aim is always to entertain – so we thought, rather than do a boring old standard Trailer, we’d put together a ‘best bits’ highlights reel featuring some of the fun and games from Season 3. To give you a taster of what’s in store for Season 4 (as well as a reminder of some very fun times, and how worthwhile it is dipping into the back catalogue).


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