This bonus episode may be the last in the current season (4) but it’s also a first – the first time we’ve ever recorded the pod in front of a live audience!

A lovely bunch of people came together in our home town of Winchester to drink a glass or two of fine Hampshire fizz and bombard us with searching questions, from which wines we’d recommend for a large and varied dinner party crowd to the implications of climate change for wine.

They even asked us what were the most pretentious wine descriptions we’d ever used. I mean, the cheek of it…

We also touched on issues ranging from ‘sulfite-free’ wine to no/low alcohol, our favourite Chardonnay and rosé, which are the best wine regions to visit, the rise of English wine, multi-vintage versus vintage sparkling wine – and what wines you should ALWAYS have at home.

In our introduction we also feature some recent listener feedback from a Napa wine grower questioning how he should explain terroir to visitors to a professor on how microbes (yeasts) can influence a wine’s mouthfeel.

As for the live Q&A format, we could get used to it.

You have been warned.

Wine Blast on Tour may be coming to a speakeasy near you soon…


In this episode we feature (and drink!) the two delicious Hampshire sparkling wines we made for charity.

The wines are called Hope & Glory: there is a 2016 Blanc de Blancs and a 2017 blend (Chardonnay/Meunier). We helped blend and make both – both are 100% Hampshire fruit, barrel aged and lees-matured. We’re biased, but we think they’re tasting absolutely beautifully.

ALL profits from these wines goes straight to the Marine Conservation Society, which is doing amazing work combating climate change and protecting our seas.

What’s more, these are some of the best value English wines around – they are a total bargain! You can get the blend for just £20 a bottle, or you can buy a duo set with the Blanc de Blancs for £50. That’s a steal! And of course you can buy multiples of both if you’re keen to follow our advice and make sure you have some good fizz maturing nicely at home as a house staple…

Click here to read a bit more about the story, the wines and how we came to make them.

Here are the links to buy the wines (from the Hattingley Valley website):


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