A new report predicts climate change will see English red wine becoming the norm rather than the exception as part of a global shift that will upend the world’s wine map as we know it.

It’s a tough one to get your head around.

On the one hand, these are exciting times for English winemakers.

On the other, climate change represents an existential threat to humanity. Plus, although rising temperatures making wine more viable and diverse in the UK, climate change is also bringing unpredictability, extreme events, and new pests and diseases, among many other challenges.

It’s also proving a major threat to existing wine regions, especially warmer, drier ones.

In this bumper episode, we cross-examine the report’s author, viti-climatologist Dr Alistair Nesbitt, in a fascinating interview.

We then follow up with some uncompromising views from the vineyard courtesy of Gusbourne’s Charlie Holland, Balfour’s Fergus Elias, Tillingham’s Ben Walgate and Adrian Pike of Westwell.

We keep things chipper and upbeat as we discuss the everything from climate change to the torrid 2022 vintage, the prospect of ‘great English Riesling’, rosé, wine in Scotland, the future of appellations (and the controversial Sussex PDO), qvevri…and of course the thorny issue of price.

Along the way we somehow manage to turn the episode into an extended movie pitch for various concepts, from a wino’s Dr Who to a Riesling Show-Down and even a ‘wild western’. It’s….refreshingly different (and all makes sense once you listen).



Wines Featured

  • Balfour Winemakers’ Selection Gatehouse Pinot Noir 2020, £60
  • Danbury Ridge Pinot Noir 2020, £38
  • Westwell The Field 2020, £19.50