It’s a mid-week classic. But the BIG question is: what wines work best to make your spaghetti bolognese taste like MAGIC?!

We tackle this weighty issue like the true gannets we are, featuring some delicious Italian reds (Montepulciano + Valpolicella Ripasso) as well as more quirky pairings, from a South African Syrah to a Chilean Pais. 

All the while talking through WHY things work as much as the specific wines themselves. (Oh, and there’s mention of Pinky and Perky too – listen to find out more…)

Pairing wines with everyday dishes is really fun. Have a go yourself! Let us know what weird and wonderful discoveries you make.


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Everyone has their own favourite bolognese recipe and this just happens to be ours. We love it because it’s simple and makes a nice tasty version of bolognese that seems to suit the whole family.

Download our spaghetti bolognese recipe