So: what wine to pair with your roast lamb?

Our answers might surprise you.

Lamb is a classic in the wine-matching pantheon. But it’s not as easy as it may first seem. In fact, we’d argue a lot of supposed matches are way off the mark.

Lamb is a very delicate red meat so needs a specific kind of wine to get the best out of the combination. Sometimes (in fact, really quite often) the best style of wine to pair with lamb is…..white.

Failing that, an elegant red – but beware even the so-called classic pairings, because they don’t all work, as we explain.

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We’ve given this lamb a bit of a twist, to make it work year-round. It’s one we cook regularly – butterflied leg of lamb with salsa verde and tenderstem broccoli.

Download Lamb with Salsa Verde recipe

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