Curry. We all love it. So what’s the best wine to drink with it?!

Here be answers. As well as a bit of chomping (sorry), mention of whipping (no idea how that came up) and of course delicious wines all in the mix.

This is a short-form Live episode, the first in our food-and-wine matching mini-series brought to you in association with Wine Club by Majestic. It’s also available in video format (as below).

The curry in question is a very simple and very delicious chicken tikka massala. So we’re finding wines to match the aromatic spices, tangy tomatoes and creamy richness.

We come up with a classic match, a slightly left-field match and then a wild card option. All the way explaining our thinking so if you can’t get hold of these exact wines, you can no doubt find similar versions to suit you.

Remember: fight heat with sweet! Also: it’s not always the wines that taste the best on their own that end up going best with the food.

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What do you think of our choices? What are YOUR favourite matches with curry? Any curry-related drinks disasters to relate?!

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Wines featured

This episode is brought to you in association with Wine Club by Majestic – a new service where you subscribe to receive a different case of wine four times a year. What’s more, when you sign up you get the value of your first case back in money-off vouchers to spend in Majestic stores or online – plus a magazine that not only explains the wines but also gives you delicious recipes to match.

The wines below are available from Majestic – or exclusively through the Wine Club, as per the notes. Prices are either for the whole case (for the Wine Club) or the mix-six price at Majestic. NB: Wine Club wines are available seasonally so will change in time (the current region at the time of publication is Spain and Portugal).


The recipe we’re using is inspired by our friend and brilliant food writer Jo Pratt, for the dish developed as part of our What Food What Wine competition.

Download Chicken Tikka Massala recipe