We’ve reached a tipping point in environmental terms. Not just in terms of biodiversity, climate change, pandemics and the like – but also in the media. Recent releases showcase this trend – from Kiss the Ground (Netflix) to Extinction: The Facts (BBC/David Attenborough) and The Food Programme’s English Pastoral episode. All are powerful, terrifying, inspiring calls to action – and made us think about wine’s place in all of this.

Given we all share personal responsibility for this crisis, should we only buy sustainable wine? Should we both, as professional wine communicators, only recommend sustainable wines? What even is sustainable when it comes to wine? Can (or is) wine taking a lead in this regard – or not? We all need to be asking questions – of ourselves, the products we consume, the lifestyles we lead. And we can be positive, and much good can come of this. Including delicious, sustainably produced wine in a biodiverse, stable, healthy planet.


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