So what’s the BEST red wine grape variety? EVER?

We asked you – and you replied in your droves, more than a thousand of you sending in weird and wonderful suggestions from all over the world. Thank you! We’ve compiled the results, and the funny comments and goings-on, and you can hear the results in this fun episode. We name names so see if you get a mention! (Sorry if not…)

We also find time to talk to legendary Yarra Valley producer Timo Mayer (who’s clearly obsessed with Trollinger – listen to find out why). We throw numbers and stats about like, well, confetti. And we name check a few good bottles by way of recommendations too (can’t have you going thirsty).

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 6.23
  • The best red wine grapes discussion (initial): 6.25 – 17.19
  • Interview with Timo Mayer: 17.20 – 25.09
  • The best red wine grapes discussion (continuation): 25.10 – 47.45
  • END: 47.45



  • We also name our worst red grape variety. Controversy ensues.
  • This was only Timo’s second EVER Zoom. We felt privileged.
  • Here are some more details on our Wine Festival Online on Saturday 28th November – check it out, we’d love to see you there!
  • Congratulations to Jonathan from Newcastle on getting 100% in his WSET exam
  • Anyone else tasted purple wine gums left in the sun?!
  • Can someone please make T-shirts featuring the hashtags: #GoGamayGo #FrancForever

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