Bartholomew Broadbent is a wine importer on the eastern US seaboard and he has seen ‘atrocious declines in business’ since coronavirus restrictions began. He lightens the tone by singing Monty Python songs (always look on the bright side of life…) and has a few choice words to say about Trump.

Meanwhile, in California, Eric Baugher of Ridge Vineyards muses on challenges and opportunities before choosing an ideal quarantine wine that, ‘just kind of lifts your spirits’. Sounds like something we could all use.

Finally, listener Liz calls in with a question about Lodi wines and we respond by cracking open some delicious bottles.

‘We’ve seen atrocious declines in business. My goal is to protect my staff. They’re family.’ Bartholomew Broadbent

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 6.44
  • Interview with Bartholomew Broadbent: 6.45 – 15.18
  • Interview with Eric Baugher: 15.54 – 21.15
  • Question on Lodi wine: 21.36 – 28.56
  • END: 29.39

‘Trump is a complete *****. It’s a disaster. I can’t wait for November – the election.’ Bartholomew Broadbent


Eric Baugher’s ideal quarantine wine? ‘It’s so generous and just kind of lifts your spirits having something that pleasant.’

Featured wines

  • Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel 2016, 14.5%, Lodi, USA (£12.50 Wine Society, £14.99 Waitrose)
  • Oak Farm Vineyards Zinfandel 2017, 15%, Lodi, USA (£23.35, James Hocking Wine)

‘Lodi’s history is interesting. But it may yet have an even more interesting future.’ Susie


  • Susie goes multi-lingual to celebrate our 10th episode. And reaches out to our listeners everywhere. Including Uzbekistan.
  • We say hi to our mums. Indulge us.
  • Bollew Broadbent serenades us with the old classic, ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. Worth hearing.
  • Ridge Vineyards has lost up to 40-50% of revenue from closing its tasting room and associated direct-to-consumer activities. But web and direct shipping has grown rapidly, up more than 200%.
  • We also quote from (and recommend) Jon Bonné’s book The New California Wine

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