Chile is a wine scene stuck on fast forward. Many of the most exciting projects lately have been developed in the country’s deep south, where the cooler conditions mean more elegant, refreshing wines (and respite from a decade-long drought). And these aren’t projects for the faint-hearted: we visit a new vineyard on a remote island 1,200km south of Santiago – and another on the side of a smoking volcano.

It’s not just about terroir, either – southern Chile is home to indigenous Mapuche communities, where poverty and disputed land rights (among other issues) have long been bones of contention with the Chilean state and industry. But now, alongside pioneering vineyards aiming to champion the south’s remarkable terroirs, wine is providing new hope of social unity as a new project is launched by Viña San Pedro Tarapacá in association with the local Mapuche community in Buchahueico. It all makes for a compelling and intriguing future – one we explore in this episode. (We also announce the winners of our WineGB giveaway!)

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 9.11
  • Introduction to Chilean wine: 9.13 – 16.47
  • Interview with Aurelio Montes in Añihue: 16.48 – 23.24
  • Interview with Sebastian De Martino: 27.33 – 33.43
  • Interview with Viviana Navarrete in Malleco: 36.59 – 46.33
  • Juan Daniel Curín Chilahual speaks: 50.24 – 50.42
  • END: 52.59


Wine GB Giveaway

Thanks to everyone for participating, in our Wine GB Awards giveaway – and all the lovely messages. Many congratulations to winners Jonathan and Clive!

The two cases of award-winning wines are as follows:

Case 1: Breaky Bottom Cuvee Michelle Moreau (Trophy), Raimes Classic (Gold), Gusbourne Guinevere Chardonnay (Gold), Harrow & Hope rosé (Gold), Chapel Down Bacchus fizz (Silver), Simpsons Chardonnay (Silver).

Case 2: Chapel Down Coeur de Cuvée (Trophy), Louis Pommery England (Gold), Bluebell Hindleap Ruby (Gold), Sharpham Stop Ferment (Gold), Gusbourne Barrel Reserve Pinot Noir (Silver), Blackbook Painter of Light Chardonnay (Silver).


  • If you could be a quiz show host, which one would YOU be?!
  • Darryl – we’re pretty sure no one’s planning on planting Torrontes in the UK so you’re safe for now…
  • Chile’s total wine vineyard is around 137,000 hectares, of which Cabernet Sauvignon accounts for 30%
  • Vintages in Chile, the one-word guide: 2015 (hot), 2016 (rainy), 2017 (torrid), 2018 (great), 2019 (warm), 2020 (hot).
  • Yes: Easter Island wine could well be a thing very soon! We’ll keep you posted…in the meantime, best of luck Alvaro, Fernando and team.
  • I recommended the Tayu Pinot Noir 2019 in my recent Decanter piece entitled What’s Hot in Chile


Aurelio Montes in Añihue, Chiloé
Clams under the vines in Añihue
Sebastian De Martino, Villarica volcano in the background
Peter’s feature in Decanter, Oct 2020 edition, picturing the De Martinos’ vineyard
Saint Vincent on Villarica volcano, De Martino
Juan Daniel Curin Chilahual (left) and his son Juan Curin Loncomilla (right)
Tayu – Buchahueico, Malleco, Chile
L-R: Juan Curí, Pedro Curin Chichahual, Peuñén, Viviana Navarrete, Peter, Pedro Izquierdo, Eulalia, Juan Curin Loncomilla


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