What’s been happening to wine during lockdown? It’s the BIG question on everyone’s lips – and the answer is not what you might expect. We dive right into the debate, throwing about facts, figures and opinions as we go. It does seem as if people revert to the familiar in times of crisis – and we’re not afraid to treat ourselves a bit either.

With this in mind, we launch a Twitter hullabaloo then taste test the biggest of all wine brands (car crash? Maybe…) After all that excitement, we go to the other end of the spectrum and get views from historic club The Wine Society and ‘counter-cultural’ wine bar and shop Diogenes the Dog. It’s another wine rollercoaster of an episode – hop on, and don’t look down.

‘Drink wine. Not too much. Mostly what you like.’ Susie

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 3.40
  • Wine in lockdown discussion: 3.41
  • Results of Twitter survey: 8.18
  • Facts & figures about big wine brands: 12.47
  • We taste test the big wine brands: 15.37
  • Interview with Pierre Mansour: 32.15
  • Interview with Sunny Hodge: 41.57
  • END: 51.32

‘There’s a whole universe of joy to discover in wine.’ Peter


‘During lockdown, our members have got more adventurous.’ Pierre Mansour


  • The brands we taste-test are: Hardy’s, Villa Maria, McGuigan, Black Tower, Blossom Hill, Barefoot, Brancott, Yellowtail, Casillero del Diablo and Apothic.
  • Comments from the tasting include: ‘oh dear no,’ ‘wouldn’t waste my units on that,’ ‘drink up,’ ‘shoot me now,’ and, ‘if anything’s going to make you a teetotaller…’
  • Is ‘Congo Sur’ the best wine brand never to have existed? Let us know if you have a better one…

‘You’ve got to ask questions, open up a dialogue.’ Sunny Hodge


Sunny Hodge from Diogenes the Dog shows off Vern by Renegade
Taste-testing the big brands for the podcast

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