Flying winemaker Paul Hobbs can’t fly. As one of the foremost globe-trotting wine consultants, he reflects from his base in California on the challenges of making wine remotely and offers a tip on Zoom etiquette (‘wear a shirt and work pants’). He confesses to being nervous and reveals his ideal quarantine wine.

Meanwhile listener David asks us whether he could be happy with just one glass for all wine styles rather than the many he currently owns (and which his wife despairs of). Our response is fulsome and even involves an experiment we lined up…which of course involves drinking some nice wine too.

‘It’s incredibly nerve-wracking. We’re still in crisis mode, it’s very fluid, we won’t have clarity on where things might go for another month or so.’ Paul Hobbs

Running order

  • Introduction: 0 – 3.16
  • Interview with Paul Hobbs: 3.17 – 11.49
  • David’s question: 13.43 – 13.57
  • What are the best wine glasses: 13.58 – 26.52
  • END: 27.59

Paul’s expert advice on Zoom calls? ‘Typically I do wear a shirt and work pants.’


‘If you have a great wine in a rubbish glass, it diminishes the beauty of the experience’ Susie

Featured wine

  • Louis Guntrum Pinot Noir 2017, 13.5%, Germany

‘Try drinking water out of a very heavy glass and then a very fine glass. Notice the difference.’ Peter

Featured glasses

  • ISO tasting glass
  • Susie’s ‘garage’ glass
  • Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon glass
  • Zalto Universal
  • Riedel Pinot Noir


  • Paul reveals how the 2020 vintage in Argentina was 30-40 days earlier than normal due to the heat and lack of water. ‘Those picking decisions were some of the most difficult of my career,’ he admits.
  • Paul also gets plenty of brownie points for, when choosing his ideal quarantine wine, thinking first of what his wife likes…
  • Paul’s California wineries are supporting an initiative by their distributor Skurnik Wines to support restaurant workers and those selling into the sector.
  • We reveal how many different kinds of wine glass we have. Peter stopped counting at an absurd number…
  • Our pal Daniel Primack is featured, mainly for his welcome advice to ‘never clean your wine glasses the same night you use them.’

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