How can wine lovers help Lebanon in its hour of need? Lebanese wine expert Michael Karam and Chateau Musar’s Marc Hochar talk us through the finer points, all the while educating us about Lebanon’s fascinating history with wine and its current day challenges including the massive recent explosion in the port area of Beirut.

We give a plug to some of the fundraising initiatives taking place around the world and recommend a line-up of delicious Lebanese wines. 

‘Wine is the one thing that can highlight our tradition of hospitality, civilisation and generosity. Rather than the image of a country of guys with beards and bombs.’ Michael Karam

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 11.53
  • Interview with Michael Karam: 11.54 – 25.06
  • Charity initiatives for Lebanon: 25.07 – 29.33
  • Interview with Marc Hochar: 29.34 – 38.28
  • Susie & Peter’s Lebanese wine recommendations: 38.32 – 44.37
  • END: 44.37

‘Lebanon is in dire need of exports. Anything that can be done to buy Lebanese products will help alleviate the financial difficulties.’ March Hochar


‘The response to this terrible event has been very touching. I wasn’t aware of the amount of affection the world has for Lebanon. The country leaves a mark.’ Michael Karam

Charity initiatives

‘Wine is one way we can send a message to the outside world that, despite all the destruction, there are some beautiful things that can come out of our small country.’ Marc Hochar

Wine recommendations

  • Château Ksara Merwah 2018, 12.5%
  • Château Marsyas Blanc 2015, 14.3%
  • Château Ksara Gris de Gris rosé 2018, 13.5%
  • Château Ksara Chateau 2016, 13.5%
  • Chateau Musar 2013, 13.5%


  • Just to be clear, Peter doesn’t wear a pinny to serve Susie wine. At least, not always.
  • Reading out website addresses with a French accent is SO MUCH BETTER. Try it.

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