Where’s best for wine travel? (Well – we can dream, can’t we?!) The best value bold New World Chardonnays out there? Greek wine? Why no love for Merlot? How to deal with being considered pretentious when it comes to wine?? We answer your burning wine questions and pick our favourite highlights from the 30 episodes to date in this fun, momentous culmination to Season 1 of Wine Blast.

And it has been a blast, THANK YOU everyone for listening, supporting, recommending, rating, reviewing and getting in touch. Don’t go anywhere because Season 2 starts straight away, we’ve got lots of exciting new plans to reveal – we can’t wait to get started. See you there – and, in the meantime, cheers! 

‘Your podcast has been one of the great joys of lockdown.’ Rebecca

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 3.39
  • Our highlights from Season One: 3.40 – 12:05
  • Where’s best for wine travel? 12.06 – 17.42
  • The best value buttery New World Chardonnays? 17.43 – 20.47
  • Greek wine? 20.48 – 22.14
  • No love for Merlot? 22.15 – 25.03
  • How to deal with being considered pretentious? 25.42 – 30.30
  • Outro: 30.30 – 31.49
  • END: 31.49


  • 30 episodes later…and we’re ready for Season Two!
  • Highlights from Season One include: magnum Jenga, spicy meatballs, William Pitt, Mencia-GATE, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life sung by Bollew Broadbent, Pink Floyd bingo, our mums, Drinking Buddies, personalised portaloos and a blasphemous Dutch expression.
  • Finally: is Peter a village level, Premier Cru or Grand Cru husband?! You decide. Just don’t tell Peter the verdict.
  • Some great Chardonnay recommendations in this episode…
  • What are your suggestions for the best wine places to visit? Let us know!

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