We use our wine festival (formerly Wine Festival Winchester, this year Wine Festival Online) as a springboard to talk English wine, wine education, making a wine festival happen in lockdown, events in general and how normal people engage with wine.

We chat to acclaimed English winemaker Emma Rice of Hattingley Valley, Erica Dent of Enjoy Discovering Wine and Tony, who has a great story to tell about his own personal Damascene conversion to wine. As Tony puts it so brilliantly, ‘Things have got out of hand.’

Join us at Wine Festival Online on Sat 28th November, when things could definitely get out of hand.

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 1.54
  • What is Wine Festival Winchester? 1.55 – 8.29
  • What is Wine Festival Online? 8.30 – 11.33
  • Interview with Emma Rice: 11.35 – 21.32
  • Interview with Erica Dent: 21.33 – 27.31
  • Interview with Tony Milner: 27.32 – 32.16
  • END: 33.35


Wine Festival Online!

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