Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Michael Baum is rebooting Burgundy, even under lockdown (which he rails against while being stuck in France, separated from his wife and boys in San Francisco). He explains why he prefers French wine to Californian, and talks about how coronavirus and his tech-based approach may help prompt radical change in wine – which is about getting closer to customers, at a time when close contact is challenging at best.

Following on from Michael’s choice of ‘isolation wine’, Susie and Peter whizz through a mini masterclass on how to find good value white Burgundy – that holy grail for wine lovers. There’s even time to mention David Beckham (again…)

‘The whole world’s gone a bit far … It’s very difficult to open things up again.’ Michael Baum on lockdown

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 4.22
  • Interview with Michael Baum: 4.23 – 14.59
  • How to find good value white Burgundy: 16.12 – 29.45
  • END: 30.21

‘[Coronavirus] will result in radical change in a lot of industries. In particular wine.’ Michael Baum


‘We had a bit of a ‘discussion’ about the Mâcon wines, didn’t we?!’ Susie to Peter

Featured wines

The following are all from The Wine Society:

  • Jean-Marc Brocard Sainte Claire Chablis 2018, 12.5% (£14.95)
  • Domaine Cordier Mâcon Aux Bois d’Allier 2017, 13.5% (£13.50)
  • Domaine Jacques Saumaize Saint-Véran En Crêches 2018, 13.5% (£14.50)
  • Château de Beauregard Saint-Véran Le Vernay 2017, 13% (£16.50)
  • The Society’s Exhibition Saint-Aubin Blanc 2017, 13.5% (£17)

Good value white Burgundy names

  • Chablis and Petit Chablis
  • Mâcon (including Lugny, Uchizy and Viré-Clessé)
  • Saint-Véran
  • Pouilly-Fuissé
  • Saint-Aubin
  • Saint-Romain
  • Auxey-Duresses
  • Hautes Côtes (de Beaune and de Nuits)
  • Bourgogne Blanc (selected producers)
  • Montagny
  • Givry

‘Burgundy wines are never cheap. Affordable Burgundy is just a bit less expensive.’ Peter


  • Is Burgundy the key to saving marriages during the coronavirus lockdown? It’s just a topic that comes up…
  • A book could be written on Susie’s categorisation of wines according to days of the week. In her head, the difference between a ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Thursday’ night wine is crystal clear. Could ‘A Monday night wine’ be a euphemism for water?! Here’s hoping.
  • David Beckham crops up again in this episode. As a grape variety. Marcela says, ‘He could be anything, even Pinotage, and I would happily drink it.’
  • Susie paints a picture of drinking great white Burgundy with a fresh baguette slavered in fresh butter and comté cheese…
  • We learn that 61% of Burgundy’s production is white wine. And a hectare of Grand Cru vineyard in Burgundy can sell for upwards of €15 million.
  • Peter declares himself to be ‘a Chardonnay tart’. Naturally.

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