It’s a sobering post-coronavirus outlook for wine in China, according to Shanghai-based Sophie Liu. She tells of a stable situation as people re-emerge from lockdown but a bleak panorama for the wine business. 

Sticking with the heavy-hitting theme, Susie and Peter ponder the delicious topic of Amarone, exploring the reasons behind its highly distinctive style and heady price tag. They also investigate the pressing issue of which wines are best to bathe in, and revel in their status as unlikely instigators of marital bliss (of sorts).

‘The situation isn’t returning to normal. We’re not very optimistic even now about the wine business. I think this situation will last through the whole year.’ Sophie Liu

Running order

  • Introduction: 0 – 4.05
  • Interview with Sophie Liu in Shanghai: 4.06 – 12.26
  • On Amarone: 13.56 – 22.13
  • END: 23.02

‘People are drinking less. If they stay at home, they’re probably drinking alone, so you’re more sensitive to price.’


‘This is a good way to test the weight of your friends in your heart!’ Sophie

Featured wine

‘Are you a village level, Premier Cru or Grand Cru husband?!’ Susie to Peter


  • In this episode, Peter is promoted to Master of Brevity. He’ll take any promotion he can get right now, even if this does seem a mixed blessing.
  • Factoid: Amarone is one of the few wines in the world to have a legal MINIMUM alcohol level – of 14%
  • David Hasselhoff gets a mention. For being big in Japan.

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