Robin Hutson is one of Britain’s foremost hoteliers as chairman and CEO of The Pig hotels and Limewood group. He’s been a prominent campaigner for rural hospitality during lockdown, citing the millions of jobs supported by the wider sector and the difficulty of re-opening with two-metre social distancing rules. He’s also had to fend off criticisms levelled at his biggest private investor, Jim Ratcliffe, for accepting furlough despite being one of Britain’s richest men.

In a wide-ranging interview, Robin responds to his critics and outlines how the hospitality business can re-open after lockdown. (He subsequently announced the re-opening of his hotels for early July.) A noted wine lover, he also opens up about the new vineyard being planted at The Pig in the South Downs. By way of digestif, we chat rosé and sound off about the debut release from popstar Kylie Minogue (a French pink) as well as two English roses.

The likes of Sam Neill, Graham Norton, Brangelina and Sarah Jessica Parker also get a mention. We also ask the question: what’s the rosé that lights your fire?

‘The country can’t afford this situation ad infinitum. We’re talking about millions of [jobs]’ Robin Hutson

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 7.00
  • Interview with Robin Hutson: 7.01 – 23.32
  • Talking rosé wine, Kylie and more: 26.50 – 35.35
  • END: 35.52

‘The difference between 2-metres [social distancing] and 1 is the difference between profit and loss.’ Robin Hutson


‘I want to produce still [English] wine. I think we could have a lot of fun…’ Robin Hutson

Featured wines

  • Kylie Minogue Rosé 2019 Vin de France, 12.5% (£9, Tesco)
  • Still by Hattingley Rosé 2019, 12% (£14)
  • Gusbourne Cherry Garden Rosé 2019, 12.5% (£25)


  • Why don’t we think rosé should be in clear glass bottles? Listen to find out more…
  • Robin Hutson provides us with a rather special ‘quarantine wine’ in this episode, with a lovely story to boot
  • This episode features a ‘disco’ rosé
  • Susie commits the ultimate faux pas of revealing a lady’s age live on air
  • WARNING: we can’t guarantee this episode is 100% free of traces of sourdough

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