Go on. What’s the best rosé wine you’ve ever had? For Lee Isaacs, rosé is ‘a crime’ and, if you like it, ‘you’re a bad person’ (or, at best, indecisive). Global rosé expert Elizabeth Gabay MW thinks we’re too snobbish about the sweet stuff and has had delicious rosés back as old as 1959. Majestic’s Jack Merrylees thinks the best way to get a party started is with rosé…in magnum.

In this episode, we get tickled pink by all this and more, discussing some of our favourite rosés (we’re big, big fans), and the likes of Hugh Johnson, Randall Grahm and Kylie Minogue also crop up in proceedings. Forget the best rosé…this may just be the best PODCAST ever. It’s certainly the pinkest.

‘Rosé wine is a crime, a travesty… If you like drinking rosé, you’re a bad person. Or someone who can’t make a decision.’ Lee Isaacs

Running Order

  • Introduction: 0 – 11.23
  • Interview with Lee Isaacs: 11.24 – 18.43
  • Interview with Elizabeth Gabay MW: 19.32 – 26.59
  • Interview with Majestic’s Jack Merrylees: 28.10 – 36.49
  • Susie & Peter talk rosé: 36.50 – 45.25
  • END: 45:58

‘Wine is an artistic product. I want consistency of quality but what we really want is something quirky and challenging.’ Elizabeth Gabay MW


‘Rosé has been one of the big success stories of lockdown. And it’s not just seasonal – people see it as a treat.’ Jack Merrylees, Majestic Wine

Some top rosé wines

  • Clos Cibonne Tibouren Côtes de Provence 2018, France, 13.5% (£28)
  • Simpsons Wine Estate Rosé 2019, England, 12% (£11.99-14.99)
  • Chivite Las Fincas Rosado Garnacha Fermentado en Barrica 2018, Spain 14% (£35)
  • Intipalka Valle del Sol Rosé Syrah 2018, Peru, 12.5% (£10.95)
  • Scassabarile Marsigliana Nera Rosato 2019, Italy, 13% (£12.95)


  • We feel it’s only fair to warn you that this episode features ROSÉ RETSINA. We’ll just leave that there.
  • Feel free to play Pink Floyd bingo in this episode. It’s Lee’s idea…
  • We never do get to explore pink port and hot socca. Sorry. We’ll pursue the issue next time we, erm, come back to it.
  • Let’s support ancient varieties like Tibouren by drinking rosé. It’s pretty much a civic duty – rosé needs YOU.
  • We think Hugh Johnson OBE should be a relationship counsellor. If he ever gets bored of the day job as one of the best wine writers ever.
  • Is Chivite’s new barrel-aged, super-duper £35 ‘Las Fincas’ rosé worth it? We disagree…
  • Some favourite rosé regions mention in our survey were: Barossa, Portugal, England, Tavel, Champagne, Burgundy, Spain, Austria, Lebanon, Bandol, Italy, Argentina, Palette, Rioja, Peru, Loire, Chile, Greece, USA, Georgia, Ontario, New Zealand…and Provence. Of course. Thanks for joining in!
  • We reveal our Top 3 Rosé Tips in this episode.

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