So – orange wine. Is it any good? Does it sell?

What qualifies a wine to be ‘orange’?

And who’s going to win our argument about one particularly divisive orange wine?!

Dive into the controversial, topical and intriguing subject of orange wine with us as we chat with Saša Radikon of iconic orange wine producer Radikon (who gives us an exclusive revelation about a new project) and nautral wine guru Doug Wregg of Les Caves de Pyrene.

We taste (and largely disagree about) orange wines from Mlečnik, Vagabond and Dario Prinčič (more details below).

Peter also gets very excited about his ‘lamb litmus test’…

This is the second and final episode in our epic two-parter on orange wine. You don’t need to listen to the first episode to enjoy this one, they stand alone. But Episode 1 features Mateja Gravner and Simon Woolf, author of the brilliant book Amber Revolution.



  • If you’d like to explore orange (and natural) wine a bit more, do head along to the Real Wine Fair on 28th and 29th April 2024 in London.
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The following are orange wines we tasted in January 2024.

Selected UK stockists are included – often with the best price available. Click on the main wine name for the Wine Searcher link for wider (eg international) availability:

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