Languedoc is a wine region on the move.

Sure, it’s a huge region with plenty of history, some of it troubled.

But there are things happening in Languedoc wine now that are innovative, surprising, intriguing and…well, delicious. 

In short, it’s well worthy of our attention.

In this episode, sponsored by AOP Languedoc, we chat to writers Rupert Millar and Rosemary George MW, and we also hear from wine growers Benoît Bertrand (Domaine de Malavieille) and Jenia Vermillard (Domaine Ampelhus).

We hear of ambitious attempts to revive long lost grape varieties from the verge of extinction, and ingenious solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.

We explore the region’s renown for good value in its wines, consider its historic ups and downs, and look to what the future might hold.

Along the way we somehow feature feather boas, Lithuania, a stray dog, the Romans, shrinking pains, finishing school, architecture, Assyrtiko, violins, agroforestry and ratatouille. 

Oh, and a love story.



  • As well as thanking Rupert, Rosemary, Benoît and Jenia, we’d like to acknowledge the help and input of wine writer and Languedoc expert Natalie Earl in our research.
  • The books we reference in this episode are: The Oxford Companion to Wine (5th edition), The World Atlas of Wine (8th edition), Adventures on the Wine Route (25th anniversary edition) and The New France.
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The following are all AOP Languedoc wines we tasted in November 2023.

Click on the wine name for the Wine Searcher link to find where you can buy this wine around the world. Selected UK stockists are included where appropriate – often with the best price available:

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