Blowing Susie’s trumpet

With Noval's Christian Seely(by peter)

A quick post while Susie’s out of the house at some fancy tasting (several vintages of Jaboulet’s famous Hermitage wines, apparently – some girls get all the luck).

Excessively proud husband that I am, I wanted to share a few links that show what other people in the media think of Susie’s achievement. (And to prove it’s not just me getting over-excited.)

Wine deity Jancis Robinson, writing on her site, was kind enough to give me a mention too – click here to see her piece.

Decanter clearly thought Susie was headline material: click here for their piece entitled “Top honours for Barrie at Master of Wine awards”.

Finally, the Institute of Masters of Wine itself has also issued a news item, with plenty of photos. Click here to see that one.