Bordeaux guide

(by peter & susie)

While we don’t tend to publish publicity material on this site, we’ve just received – courtesy of the nice people at R&R Communications, who help promote Bordeaux wine in the UK – a natty little city break guide to Bordeaux that we thought might be of interest.

You can find it on the following link (in pdf format): Bordeaux as a city break (2012)

It has tips on travel, places to visit, hotels, where to eat (and of course drink), as well as a bit of background on the city itself. It’s pretty simple stuff but worth a look if you’re thinking of heading out.

What it lacks is recommendations on which producers to visit – a natural consequence of literature sponsored by a promotional body, no doubt. (Although I’m informed there will be a complementary fiche entitled ‘out and about in the regions’ coming soon.) Perhaps in the meantime this pamphlet could be supplemented by our colleague Monty Waldin’s Bordeaux: How to find great wines off the beaten track (Mitchell Beazley, 2006), though this may be a little dated now.

So where else to find other good resources on visiting Bordeaux from a wine perspective..?*

*Postcript: our colleague Wink Lorch recommended the following link to a series of guides produced a few years ago by Bordeaux expert Jane Anson, which are well worth a look (and also free):