Chile 2013

(by peter)


Vines at dusk, Alto Cachapoal

I recently returned from a fascinating week in Chile. Here are a few pics to paint the picture.

I was there for several reasons. Decanter magazine is putting out a special South American edition in October – a first for the magazine, so a significant sign of interest – which I’m helping co-ordinate and write. I was also doing field research for my upcoming Chile Wine Brief, the first in an annual series of publications we’ll be putting out.

Even biblical downpours couldn’t put me off my mission. The country desperately needs rain, actually, after several years of shortfall. The situation is especially critical in the arid north, where fine wine is just starting to take off. Let’s hope Mother Nature can work hand-in-hand with state investment to prevent that particularly promising niche being nipped in the bud.

I even felt a certain pride that, being a proper Englishman and clearly having taken our appalling spring weather with me, I had helped this process along in some small way.

My sincere thanks to Wines of Chile and ProChile, as well as all the wineries and kind people who looked after me and plied me with wine and words.

To those whom I sadly couldn’t find time to see – hasta la proxima!


Estrella de Oro Cabernet Sauvignon 1967 (credit: Alvaro Arriagada)


Santiago from the air


Art, Tarapaca


Pouring (credit: Alvaro Arriagada)


Line up


Bodegas RE


Disgorgement, Concha y Toro



Wine thief



Francois Massoc, Peter, Paco Leyton, Pedro Parra, Hector Riquelme