Chilean Pinot Noir tasting 2019

‘If there’s one thing that gets wine lovers hot under the collar, it’s great Pinot Noir. As for the Holy Grail – well, that’s great Pinot Noir at a bargain price.’

This Decanter panel tasting revealed exactly that – some outstanding Pinot Noir from Chile at very reasonable prices. 

Two wines were rated outstanding – Tabalí Talinay 2015 and Little Quino 2008.

Producers in the Highly Recommended category included Dos Almas, Echeverria, Ventolera, Arboleda, Casa Marin, Dominique Derain, Kalfu, Leyda, Volcanes de Chile, Errazuriz, Montes, San Pedro, Undurraga, Matetic and Ventisquero.

We tasters disagreed quite a bit on many wines – not in itself a bad sign, because it showed that passions were being aroused and styles were both provocative and diverse.

But there were some excellent wines in the £15-25 category, which is pretty reasonable by Pinot standards. Snap them up quick, because Pinot doesn’t tend to stay reasonably priced for long. 

[The Chilean Pinot Noir panel tasting appeared in Decanter magazine’s October 2019 edition]


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