Delicious press coverage

(by peter)

Please excuse this quick plug but several publications have been good enough to feature us of late so we thought we’d do a quick review here.

Firstly, this month’s edition of Delicious magazine (April 2011) carries a nice mention of our school courtesy of our wine-writing colleague and fellow Saturday Kitchen stalwart Susy Atkins.

This follows on from Joanna Simon’s feature on our school in the March 2011 edition of House & Garden, about which we wrote a brief blog.

I’ve also just been sent through a pdf of an interview with me, published in the respected Chilean wine magazine La Cav.

It features some fun photos and is notably favourable in its coverage – I am described variously as ‘Mister’ Richards and ‘the great white hope of the British wine press’. It’s in Spanish but for those sufficiently multi-lingual or brave to read through it, you will find mentions of my mum, Pinochet, an old brown BMW, noisy football matches and Carmenère.

Finally, if you haven’t yet seen our video tackling the basics about sparkling wine (it’s on our home page), then you can find it on Blue Tomato’s website by clicking here. They describe it as ‘rather helpful’.