Filming Saturday Kitchen

(by peter)

What a day to be by the seaside in Sussex.

Southern England was basking in glorious, uninterrupted sunshine today as the Saturday Kitchen bandwagon rolled into the wonderfully named Shoreham-by-Sea to sample the surroundings and pick up some delicious wines.

I had been advised by numerous wise heads that Shoreham was renowned for the remarkably high density of pubs in its town centre. (‘Best place in England for a pub crawl’ was one comment.)

It took a herculean effort, but we managed to resist the urge to put this theory to the test.

Instead, we headed to the combined delights of Tesco and M&S to find wines to match with Silvena Rowe’s langoustines with orange-saffron butter and swede tahini mash, and Mark Jordan’s pan-roasted fillet of beef with lobster ravioli. It’s certainly shaping up to be a tasty show.

Lunch was taken on the shingly beach, which stretched into the horizon in both directions. Some intrepid souls were out wind-surfing; others were sun-bathing; I, for some inexplicable reason, was wearing a mac. I suppose you’ll have to consider it a wine anorak…

Here’s a video of the scene where we filmed our introductory piece to camera. As ever on British beaches, it’s a bit windy, so sound quality is not the best.

Overall, the only thing missing was a Mr Whippy 99. Something for the show on Saturday, perhaps – don’t miss it: BBC1, 10am, this Saturday 19th June (and available for a week on iplayer subsequently).