Filming Saturday Kitchen

(by peter)

It’s been a funny old week.

On Sunday, we were enjoying the carnival atmosphere of the Hat Fair in Winchester.

On Monday evening, we were in hospital – and by early Tuesday morning, we had a new son.

On Wednesday, I was off to film Saturday Kitchen. The Cactus team (step up, Andy Clarke) had been very understanding in the build up to this shoot, given there was some notable anxiety on our part about when the baby might come and the implications for whether the show would have a wine bit or not.

But we knew that, one way or the other, we’d get it done. And so it proved – we had a lovely day out in the very pretty market town of Petersfield, filming in M&S and Waitrose to find wines to go with Mark Sargeant’s home-made chorizo and Jun Tanaka’s lamb breast with bulgur wheat salad.

We sampled the delights of the market square before heading over to Heath Pond, a tranquil spot where we filmed the introduction and me lobbing stones (desperately trying to avoid wildlife to prevent an unfortunate on-screen bloomer).

Judging by the dishes and the wines, it’s going to be another great show. It’s on at 10am on BBC1 (wine bits around 10.15 and 10.50). Don’t miss it!