Having a Wine Blast

OK, so it’s not writing per se (apologies). It’s definitely more on the ‘listening’ side of things. But there are things to read if you want to! That is, about our appearance on the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast with Natalie MacLean.

Natalie recently suggested a podcast swap recently, which we thought would be fun – as it turned out to be.

We went on her (excellent) podcast and she came on ours.

In the latter, we talked about many fascinating things, from how she first fell in love with wine to her top wine tip, her advice for those looking to make wine a career, how women should aim high, dealing with an alcoholic father, how the pandemic has changed online wine learning, podcasting highs and lows, and food pairings.

You can find that episode here: Wine Blast S2 E9: Canada, crisps and beyond with Natalie MacLean

But this piece is to flag up the podcast when she interviews us. When all kinds of stories came out…

Here’s the link to the show notes on Natalie’s site: Having a Wine Blast with Susie Barrie and Peter Richards

You can of course find the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast on your audio platform of choice, if you prefer (do check it out). Of, if you don’t fancy listening and would rather read, then Natalie very helpfully provides a transcript of her episode on her show notes.

There are prizes to be won in both episodes.

And we couldn’t help mentioning how Natalie very kindly describes our podcast:

‘It’s become my favourite wine podcast. I love their wit, their charm and their energy’

Thanks Natalie!

As an addendum, in the below episode, Natalie gets us talking about certain photos. We’ll upload said photos here in due course so you know what we’re talking about…

Images featured in the podcast

Photo 1 – the ‘wench’ and the ‘sous-chef’
Photo 2 – I love your job!
Running the Bacchus Half marathon, Denbies, Surrey
Medoc Marathon 2014
Naomi House Santa fun run