Mastering Christmas


What does that word mean to you? For some, it elicits a buzz of intense excitement. For others, it sends a chill down the spine.

The majority will be somewhere in between – or both at the same time. And that includes us. Particularly this year.

In a world where people are often at pains to paint their life as perfect or sparkly, this year is a year to admit that no, everything’s not ideal. Far from it. It’s certainly that way for us – perhaps it’s a bit that way for you too.

So here’s what we do.

We raise a glass.

We’re wine lovers, after all, it’s what gets us going. We should be kind to ourselves.

That treat you’ve been coveting? Now’s the time.

And, in these pages, we have plenty of delicacies for you.

This is a piece we wrote for Decanter magazine in their Christmas 2022 issue.

We fretted that, with the photo shoot and Christmas bling, it might come across as a bit cheesy.

So we wanted to make it clear this isn’t a picture-perfect lifestyle shoot. Our overall message is: are thinks twinkly-sparkly perfect? No. But that doesn’t mean we can celebrate with some absolutely delicious wine.

And we can help with that…

Our brilliant photographer (and wine expert) friend Cath Lowe provided the wonderful images to cap it all off. We hope you enjoy it.

We tasted hundreds of wines to come up with this spectacular line-up. They’re not just good wines, they’re wines that will knock your socks off.

Life is too short for tired classics at Christmas – enough! Better to have one startling glass than two bland bottles.

All these wines will surprise and delight – some may challenge but we make no apologies for that.

Right now, we deserve wine that counts.

[Mastering Wine appeared in Decanter magazine’s Christmas 2022 edition – you can also find it on the Decanter website]

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