MW inauguration video

(by peter)

The Institute of Masters of Wine has released a video of the inauguration ceremony on 3rd November 2010, when I was welcomed into the institute.

By kind permission of the IMW, I reproduce the video below, together with their original article, which is also available (though I believe only with limited access) on their web page here.

As a word of warning, the video is quite long (over 26 minutes). It starts with an opening address by Martin Mason, Master of the Vintners’ Company, which is followed by a fine and stirring speech by Lynne Sherriff MW, Chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine.

There is then a fitting tribute to Bill Gunn MW and Michael Broadbent MW, both celebrating 50 years of being a Master of Wine.

The new Masters of Wine are presented from 9.55 on the video (I’m on at 17.48).

The awards start at 18.30. I was lucky enough to win three awards so I pop up (grinning increasingly broadly) with alarming regularity. At one point I’m even caught high-fiving the former IMW Chairman. It was a special night…

Congratulations again to all the new MWs.


On 3 November 2010, the Institute’s members, supporters and friends gathered in the historic surroundings of Vintners’ Hall in London to formally welcome the 11 new Masters of Wine of 2010. The occasion also provided the opportunity to recognise outstanding individual performance in the Masters of Wine Examination with the Institute’s annual awards.

Lynne Sherriff MW, Chairman of the Institute and the Master of the Vintners’ Company, Martin Mason presented the new Masters of Wine with their certificates: David Allen MW (UK); Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW (Belgium); Sebastian Bredal MW (Norway); Ned Goodwin MW (Japan); Alex Hunt MW (UK); Melanie Jones MW (UK); Justin Knock MW (UK); Kate McIntyre MW (Australia); Rhys Pender MW (Canada); Jean Reilly MW (USA); and Peter Richards MW (UK).

Five of the new Masters of Wine also received individual awards for outstanding performance in aspects of the examination.

Peter Richards MW received the Institute’s Outstanding Achievement Award, sponsored by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, for his overall performance in the examination. Peter was also the recipient of the Villa Maria Award for excellence in the viticulture paper and the Robert Mondavi Winery Award for overall excellence in the theory part of the examination.

The Madame Bollinger Award for excellence in the practical/tasting part of the exam was awarded to Alex Hunt MW.

The Noval Award for excellence in the dissertation went to Jean Reilly MW for her dissertation which examined US Sommelier attitudes towards German Riesling.

Rhys Pender MW received the inaugural Taransaud Tonnellerie Award for excellence in the production of wine paper, dealing with the maturation and handling of wine.

The Viña Errázuriz Award for excellence in the business of wine paper was awarded to Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW.