On Aussie Fizz

I had a fascinating trip to Australia at the end of 2018, in particular looking at the cooler climate regions like Western Australia, Yarra, Mornington and Tasmania.

Australia has never made finer wines in a more diverse range of styles than now. It’s a hugely exciting time for the country.

The sparkling wines were particularly impressive and that’s what I focused on in this piece for Decanter.¬†

It’s a shame we don’t see more of them in the UK. Fingers crossed we will see more of them in the future because they’re delicious, across a range of styles, and deserve to be better represented here.

In my piece I mention and recommend wines from the likes of Arras, Pirie, Stefano Lubiana, De Salis, Bellebonne, Blackwood Hill, Redbank, Dal Zotto, Apogee, Piper’s Brook, Jansz, Clover Hill and Domaine Chandon.

[Aussie fizz: Bubbling Under appeared in Decanter¬†magazine’s August 2019 edition]

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