Peter on BBC Radio

(by Peter Richards MW)

The delightful Katie Martin kindly invited me on her BBC Radio Solent show to talk about wine, awards, our festival and marital rivalry.

You can hear the results, kindly edited by Katie’s producer Bob Diggles, via this link below:

We’re big fans of Katie’s. Not just because of her beautiful voice and tireless quest to cover as many stories as humanly possible in this area, but also because she’s a foodie who knows and likes her wine. Not only did she have Furleigh Estate sparkling wine from Dorset at her wedding, she told me she’d really enjoyed the wine festival last year and bought many a delicious wine there, which is music to our ears.

In the interview, we covered a fair few topics as well as mentioning some wines, which I’ve been asked to recap. So here they are, plus a few extras for good measure:

  • ROSÉ
  • M&S English Pinot Noir rosé 2014 (Marks & Spencer, currently down to £9 from £12 if you buy 2+ bottles)
  • Miraval Provence rosé (£17.99, Majestic)
  • Black Cottage Rosé (£9.74, Majestic)
  • Days of Summer Muscat (£4.99 down from £6.99, Co-op until 11 Aug, also at Majestic)
  • Lamberhurst Bacchus Reserve 2014 (Marks & Spencer, currently down to £9.75 from £13 if you buy 2+ bottles)
  • Muscadet Le Pallet 2010 (£9.99, Majestic)
  • RED
  • Frappato di Sicilia 2014 (£7.95, The Wine Society)
  • Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel (down to £9.74, Waitrose)
  • Finest Teroldego (£7.99, Tesco)
  • Domaine de Montval Syrah (£6.66, Majestic)
  • FIZZ
  • L’Extra par Langlois (£9.99, Majestic)
  • Ridgeview Marksman (Marks & Spencer, £19.50 down from £26 when you buy 2+ bottles)
  • Furleigh Estate Classic Cuvée 2011 (£28.50, independents and from the vineyard)