Saturday Kitchen 10.3

(by susie)

A ‘beautiful’ from Glynn Purnell, ‘bargain’ from James Martin and ‘delicious’ from Galton were very welcome rewards for my Saturday Kitchen labours this week.

That and the very gratifying news that, for one of the wines I recommended, sales were up 450% at the weekend. (We often hear these reports but rarely get figures, so thanks to everyone who went out and bought the wine, and congratulations to the team at Jean Claude Mas, who make the Taste the Difference Languedoc red, as well as the Sainsbury’s buyers.)

First up was Glynn Purnell, known as the ‘Yummy Brummie’, cooking roast brill with scorched lettuce and fondue of onion with crème fraîche. For this I chose the CVNE Barrel Fermented Rioja Blanco 2009 (£6.99, Waitrose).

The Taste the Difference Languedoc red 2010 (£7.99, Sainsbury’s) was to partner Galton’s seared feather blade of Wagyu beef with shallot rings, beetroot purée, curly kale and sautéed potatoes.

The show also featured archive footage from Celebrity Masterchef, Keith Floyd and Rick Stein. You can see my wine bits from the show in the videos below this piece.

Recipes for the show can be found via this link on the BBC Food site. These also include James Martin’s roast pork fillet with spiced pork patties and chilli jam, poached salmon with parsley sauce and leeks, and baked Alaska with passion fruit.