Saturday Kitchen 11.1

(by peter)

Brian Turner's venison didn't last long

Brian Turner’s venison didn’t last long

Coventry was our foraging ground for great value wine this week, so we couldn’t resist popping into the transport museum.

I cheekily asked to get up close and personal with the cars – and was rewarded with a clamber into Thrust 2, which won the land speed record for Britain in 1983 (633 mph, since you ask, and a slightly scary steering wheel with red buttons saying ‘chute’) and a play with the Back to the Future DeLorean (remarkably heavy door, funnily enough).

Wine for Brian Turner’s venison with pickled cabbage

  • Helderberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (£9.99, M&S)

Peter’s comments: lovely wintery wine that ties in beautifully with both the richness and the tanginess present in the dish. It went down very well in studio, comments including ‘fantastic’, ‘great buy’, ‘wonderful’.

Wine for Adam Bennett’s ox cheek with glazed carrots

  • Noster Nobilis Priorat 2009 (£8.75, Asda)

Peter’s comments: Another full-bodied red for a full-flavoured dish, this is a great value Priorat that is really well balanced. Don’t forget the alternative – the Wine Selection Dão, a real bargain at under £5, for a fresh, easy-going counterpoint to the dish in a more restrained style.

Filming in Thrust 2

Recipes, links and other details

Ross Kemp was the studio guest this week and his heaven and hell dishes, as cooked by James Martin, were:

Taste testing Adam Bennett's ox cheek with glazed carrotDevilled kidneys with a green salad and sherry vinaigrette – Torre del Falco Nero di Troia 2010 (on offer at £5.99, Waitrose)

Roasted sea bass with olives and crab croquettes – Poggioargentiera Vermentino 2012 (from £7.99, Majestic)

Thanks to James, Brian, Adam and Ross plus the magnificent Cactus TV posse for yet another delicious and delightful show. You can find the recipes on the BBC Food site. Wine clips are as below but you can catch the whole show via iplayer until 18.1.14 (wine bits 16.32 and 56.56). Thanks also to the fabulous people of Coventry for giving us such a fine welcome. Cheers!