Saturday Kitchen 15.6

(by susie)

Susie on a soggy beach filming Saturday KitchenI have a confession.

In my youth, I used to rock out to Bon Jovi while driving at high speed around the byways of North Yorkshire in my parents’ red Escort.

I was reminded of these heady days when we visited a (very soggy) Isle of Wight to film for Saturday Kitchen this week. Part of our reason for being there was that the fabulous Isle of Wight festival is currently on – last day today – and it features the likes of The Killers, Stone Roses – and Bon Jovi.

Anyhow, onto wine – here are my choices from today’s delicious Saturday Kitchen. Enjoy!

Wine for Michel Roux’s Dover sole and langoustine tail with asparagus tips and samphire in a white wine sauce

  • Taste the Difference Petit Chablis 2011 (£8.99, Sainsbury’s)

Susie’s comments: classic dish – classic wine. The asparagus and samphire might lead you towards a Sauvignon Blanc – and a good Sancerre works OK. But when we tried a range of wines with this recipe we fund a creamier Chardonnay works better to tie in with that buttery sauce. This is a great value wine to boot. Chablis is so versatile.

Wine for Nathan Outlaw’s scallop tartare with pickled beetroot, bacon and apple

  • Finest Tingleup Riesling 2011 (£9.99, Tesco)

Isle of Wight festival 2013Susie’s comments: road testing this dish was a joy, as well as a challenge. The scallops are easy but the fruitiness of the beetroot and apple, contrasting with the salty bacon, supplemented by the rich mayo, is not straightforward. Semillon worked fine but dry Riesling was by far and away the best pairing. Tough to find one that’s super cheap, but in value terms this is still a great buy.

Recipes, links and details

The studio guest this week was actress Anna Chancellor. My wines for her dishes, cooked masterfully as ever by James Martin, are as follows:

  • For lamb chops with pine nuts and pomegranate tabbouleh (food heaven): Toscano Rosso 2011 (£5.99, M&S)
  • For cinnamon sweet bread (food hell): Moscatel de Valencia 2012 (£6.79, M&S)

You can find all the recipes on the BBC Food site. You can also watch the full show for the next week (ie until 22.6.13) via iplayer if you’re UK based.

Thank you to everyone who so kindly helped us during the shoot on the island, and also to the brilliant team at Cactus. Thanks also to James, Michel and Nathan – a tasty line-up if ever there was one. Clips are as below. Thanks for watching – and reading!