Saturday Kitchen 3.3

(by peter)

I get vertigo.

Mostly it’s from being uncomfortably high off the ground. Like, for example, when we climbed to the top of Peterborough cathedral via precipitous ledges and tiny, suffocating stone spiral staircases on our Saturday Kitchen shoot last week.

Were the panoramas worth it? My sweaty palms said otherwise.

But sometimes the vertigo can come from unexpected sources. Like cookery shows in a leap year week when you have two maverick chefs, one doing cabbage ketchup, the other doing rice-less risotto, Keith Floyd archive material and Chris Isaak providing a sultry soundtrack…

This was certainly a Saturday Kitchen with a difference.

The inimitable Sat Bains was cooking a dish which needs a sentence all to itself. Salmon cooked in fragrant oil served with pickled turnip, onion oil, broccoli purée and red cabbage ketchup.

Bonkers. But inspired bonkers – and a dish to which I matched (after discounting iced schnapps) the brilliant value Ara Composite Sauvignon Blanc 2009, Marlborough (on offer at £5.99 down from £9.99, Majestic).

Sat was enthusiastic about the match, describing it as, ‘Fantastic: lots of lovely acidity, reminds me of spring – brilliant!’

Next up was the ever-inventive Claude Bosi, cooking rice-less celeriac risotto with winkles, pomelo, black truffle, mascarpone and parmesan.

‘Pure Claude Bosi,’ as Bains commented wryly.

This called for something a bit different, to get in the spirit of things on the wine front. Step up the spicy Cornet & Cie Collioure Blanc 2010 (was £8.99, now back to £11.99, Marks & Spencer).

Claude commented: ‘I really like it – love the wine; it’s got this citrusy [character], goes well with pomelo & truffle: beautiful.’

I’ll aim to upload the clips in due course. For now, you can catch the show via iplayer (until 10th March 2012, when it will be Susie’s turn) by clicking here. Wine bits are at 19:35 and 59:15. Archive footage comes courtesy of Keith Floyd, Celebrity Masterchef and Rick Stein.

You can find the recipes for the show by clicking here. These include chicken goujons with yuzu mayonnaise, pan-roasted potato tart with sardines and roasted tomato and iced chocolate and peppermint parfait.