Saturday Kitchen 6.7

(by susie)

Susie hams it up in Henley

Susie hams it up in Henley

A suitably liquid theme ran through this week’s Saturday Kitchen.

We filmed our wine bits from Henley-on-Thames (not to be confused with Warwickshire’s very own Henley-in-Arden, which apparently makes particularly tasty ice cream). The Henley Royal Regatta was on, so everyone was dressed in their naval finest (or tight lycras, for proper rowers…)

I, meanwhile, was more focused on the liquid inside the bottle, finding some delicious wines along the following lines:

Wine for Lawrence Keogh’s kedgeree:

  • Finest Vintage Cava Brut Nature 2010 (£6.99 on offer, Tesco)

Susie’s comments: this is a rich, luxurious take on a famous brunch dish – and what better way to wash it down than with delicious fizz? You need to refresh the palate between mouthfuls here – a nice Australian Semillon works, but this creamy, invigorating Cava does a great job (and it’s fab value on offer).

Wine for John Williams’ butter-poached lobster with spiced carrot puree and lemon verbena:

  • Wither Hills Pinot Gris 2012 (from £9.99, Morrison’s, Waitrose)

Susie’s comments: an aromatic and beautifully presented dish, with rich vanilla tones, this needs a wine with an inviting scent and rich texture. Southern French Viognier is a great option, but Kiwi Pinot Gris with a bit of richness to it works brilliantly. It’s not the cheapest wine but it ties in with the luxury feel of the dish, and it’s one of the best value examples of its type around in major retail.

Recipes, links and details

BBC1 Saturday KitchenThis week’s studio guest was the mellifluous Hayley Westenra. The wines I put with her heaven and hell dishes, cooked by James Martin, are as follows:

For stir fry vegetables with seared tuna and a soy and sesame dressing (food heaven): Dr L Riesling 2011 (from £8.49, Majestic)

For steamed fillets of plaice with broccoli, asparagus and white wine cream sauce (food hell): M&S White Burgundy 2011 (£8.99)

You can find all the recipes on the BBC Food site. The show is available for UK viewers via iplayer until next week and the wine clips are below. Thanks to everyone for watching, also to James, Lawrence, John, Hayley and the fab team at Cactus.