Saturday Kitchen 7.3

(by Susie Barrie MW)

Susie-SK-Ely-IITwo different but equally heart-warming recipes this week – neither of which was easy to match with wine, it has to be said. We headed off to Ely to hunt down the best bottles…

To go with Vivek Singh’s Punjabi Samosas:

  • Dr L Grey Slate Riesling 2013, Germany (£9.99, Waitrose)

Susie’s comments: it’s actually the two chutneys that Vivek serves which really prove the challenge: a super intense tamarind one and a lovely coriander chutney too. The Ara Pinot Gris works well, were it not for the chutneys, but we need more sweetness alongside a bright acidity. The Dr L can taste a bit simple by itself but, when we tried it with the recipe, it really came into its own. ‘Great!’ said Vivek. ‘Bargain’ said James.

To go with braised beef, bread and cheese pudding with deep-fried broccoli by Stephen Terry:

  • Taste the Difference Cepa Alegre Rioja Reserva 2008, Spain (£9.75, Sainsbury’s)

Susie’s comments: on paper, this looked like a really easy dish to match wine to. Priorat, New World Cabernet and other bold styles sprang to mind. But the horseradish, mustard and rich beefy flavours actually need a more refreshing style and this Rioja works really well. As Stephen mentioned, Italian styles do work as well but this is a great value option and I was really glad everyone liked it. ‘Fantastic,’ was Stephen’s comment.

Pie. Recipe by Stephen Terry. Cooked by Susie Barrie. Enjoyed by Peter Richards.

Pudding – of sorts. Recipe by Stephen Terry. Cooked by Susie Barrie. Enjoyed by Peter Richards.

Recipes, links and details

SamosasThe studio guest was Blue’s Simon Webbe. My wines for his heaven and hell dishes, cooked by James, were as follows:

Scallop and lobster curry with tamarind sauce and steamed rice – Washington Hills Columbia Valley Riesling 2012, USA (£7.99, Tesco)

Blackberry delice with mini doughnuts, lemon posset and sugared almonds – Finest Dessert Semillon 2008, Australia (£6.79, Tesco)

Thanks to James, Vivek, Stephen and Simon for their delightful food and fun. For all the details of the recipes, please see the BBC Food site. You can also find the show via iplayer.

Thanks also to our fab wine VT crew and the lovely people at Cactus TV. Thanks also to Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, everyone who welcomed us in Ely and of course to you for reading! Don’t forget to watch Peter, who’s on this weekend finding wines for Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez and Ireland’s own Paul Rankin.