Saturday Kitchen 8.6

(by peter)

Peter back from space. Sort of.Here are my wines from today’s edition of Saturday Kitchen.

They include two rosés! Must be the sun…or the effect of altitude after we got to have lots of fun in Leicester at the space centre (see photos).

Wine for Angela Hartnett’s vegetable mezze

  • Monferrato Chiaretto 2012 (£6.49, M&S)

Peter’s comments: I know rosé isn’t for everyone but Angela’s vegetable mezze is so summery and Mediterranean that I couldn’t resist. Plus, the flavours here are so varied – from rich aubergine and feta to zingy mint, tomato, beans and sumac – that you need a versatile wine to match.

Wine for Nigel Haworth’s guinea fowl

  • Nicolas Potel Bourgogne Blanc 2011 (from £8.99, Majestic)

Peter’s comments: Difficult to choose between a light red (eg an elegant Pinot) or a full white for this. When we sat down to try this original but classic dish on a warm evening last week, it became clear that a white was best, both for the weather and the flavours. You could go for a posh, oaked Sauvignon (eg a white Bordeaux or Kiwi version) but, at this price level, a great value white Burgundy is the best pairing. This is a brilliant value wine, worth stocking up on.

Road testing wines for Nigel Haworth's guinea fowlRecipes, links and details

You can find all the recipes via the BBC Food site. These also include James Martin’s recipes for studio guest Ann Widdecombe, for which the wine matches are:

  • For strawberry pavlova (food ‘heaven’): Taste the Difference Brachetto d’Aqui 2012 (from £6.29, Sainsbury’s)
  • For seafood paella (food ‘hell’): Palacio de Bornos Verdejo Rueda 2011 (£8.49, Waitrose)

Wine clips are below. The whole show is on iplayer until 15.6.13. Thanks as ever to all at Cactus, plus James, Angela and Nigel. Special thanks to Susie for being my very own Michelin-starred chef and personal wine advisor.

Peter in space. Sort of.